How To Protect Your Phone During Your Hot Summer Travels


Have you ever experienced this screen on your phone? If you’re like me, this seems to pop-up at the worst possible times.  When I need directions somewhere or if I’m waiting for an important phone call or text from a friend.  Luckily, there are a few easy ways to keep your phone from overheating and avoid this screen.

First a little background

If you don’t know, your cell phone can’t get too hot and if it detects a dangerous temperature, your phone may automatically shut down. Current iPhones are designed to operate at temperatures between 32 – 95º F.  These are the temperatures Apple recommends to operate your phone.  Apple says it’s safe to store an iPhone at any temperature between -4 to 113º F.   This is mainly a safety precaution that phone makers put in place to make sure the phone is not subjected to longer term damage.

When the phone overheats, you will see the above message on your screen. Turn it off as soon as you can and move it to a cooler / shadier environment so it can cool down. When it’s in cool down mode, your phone will not charge, the display will dim, cellular radios will be switched to low power, and the camera will be disabled.  Which makes sense, as these are all all our things that can make your phone hot.

How to protect your phone when traveling

Here are a few tips that can help ensure you phone stays cool and doesn’t overheat while at the beach or in a very hot location.

Don’t leave your phone in your car

A car can act like a greenhouse when in the hot sun.  According to one study, a car parked in the sun on a hot 95 degree day can reach temperatures of up to 116 degrees.  Like mentioned above, that is above the storage and use guidelines provided by Apple.

Don’t keep the phone in your pocket

While not exposed to direct sunlight, a phone in your pocket on a really hot day can magnify the problem.  Because your body is also radiating heat, your phone could warm up faster while being next to you.  It’s recommended to try keeping the phone in your purse or holding in your hand.

Keep our of direct sunlight

While this seems obvious, it’s sometimes easy to forgot about where you place your phone.  I’ve been at the beach before and left my phone on top of a book. When I got back, it was disabled because it was just baking in the sun for a few hours. It’s always a good idea to keep your phone in the shade which will help it from getting too hot.