Packing Hacks That Will Make Traveling Oh So Much Easier


Here are some great tips for all those trips you’ve got coming up.  From saving time during packing to making your time at the airport a little better, these hacks will make your life a little easier.

Mark Bag As Fragile

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If you ask the person checking in your bag to mark it as fragile you get a couple of benefits.  First, the bag should be treated a little more gently and second, you bag may be the last to go onto the plane, which means it will be the first to come off.  Now that’s a true win-win.

Roll Clothes

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Let’s face it, it’s become way to expensive to check in a bag at the airport.  You could wind up spending $100 extra bucks for the bag.  But if you need the extra space in your carry on, try out this great technique of rolling your clothes.  You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save.

Get Cheaper Flights By Using Incognito Mode

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It’s been reported that airline companies may look at your browser history and jack up rates based upon your interest in a particular flight.  By using private mode or incognito mode, the airlines won’t be able to know that you’ve look at flight in the past.

Charge Phone Via TVs

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It seems like there are never enough phone chargers at airports.   And when one opens up there is a mad dash (and possible fight) to get it next.  However, there is another sneaky way to charge your phone.  Most TVs at airports have USB slots. Just plug your phone into one and boom, you will be powered up in no time.

Skip The Hairdryer

Instead of packing that bulky hair dryer, just call ahead to the hotel or location you are staying and ask if they have one you can use.  If so, then you are in luck and no need to pack it.

Gift Bags

If you are bringing gifts (e.g. Christmas), then think about skipping the wrapping and just using bags.  This can easily save you a bunch of time.  And let’s face it, no one really care about the wrapping, they just want to see what’s inside.

Shoes In A Shower Cap

Here’s one for all those germ a phobs out there.  When packing your shoes, put them in a shower cap so they don’t contaminate all your clean clothes.

Never Pay For Water At Airport

Don’t be that suck that has the buy water at the airport.  Just bring an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at one of the water filling stations.  Those $2.00 bottles of water can quickly add up.