The Cheapest Time Took Your Flights, According To The Experts


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Well, our friends at Kayak just released their 2018 Hacker’s Guide.  This guide includes all the best tips and tricks to save money on your vacation and make it as enjoyable as possible. Because they are Kayak and have so much data at their disposal, they can provide some really interesting insights.   The Hacker’s Guide includes information on four main sections:  The best airlines, the best layover cities, the top “Hacker Fare” destinations, and last but not least, when to book.

So what you probably really care about is how to save some money.   Here’s what Kayak recommends when booking that vacation.

What Month?

According to Kayak: “It really depends on your route. If you’re flying from the US to another US city, then winter months are when you’ll potentially save the most with a Hacker Fare. For US to International destinations, it’s fairly consistent (but usually in the off season you’ll find a better Hacker Fare deal). For Canadian travelers, Hacker Fares can save you more in the winter and summer for domestic travel, and the spring and fall for international travel. But as we always say, if you see a good deal — book it.”

When To Fly?

Kayak says that you can save the most on Hacker Fares if you book just a week before departure times.   They even recommended that you may be able to save money by booking two one-way tickets.

What Route?

This was pretty interesting. Go to this link and you can enter a specific route and Kayak will provide you the best time that you should fly.  For example, a flight from Denver to Boston, the best time to fly is January.  Here’s the graph.

The Trends

Finally, Kayak provides another interesting tool.  It will show you how the trends are changing from year to year on specific flights.  It appears that flights from Denver have gone up by an average of 25% versus the same time last year.  This is likely due to a lot of factors including demand and gas prices.

Finally, curious about the best airlines (not that any of them are that great).  According to Kayak and based upon their user reviews, they gave Alaskan Airline as the best overall airline.  Among the major carriers, Delta finished third.  For the complete listing, check it out here.

By the way, if you are looking for the most friendly crew, then its also Alaskan airlines.

Good luck on your travel booking!