Yes, That’s A Kaytak That Folds Up Into A Backpack


Kayaking is one of the best ways to be one with nature and explore the outdoors.  The only problem is that kayaks aren’t the easiest thing to lug around to that perfect spot. This is where Oru Kayaks comes in.  They have solved this problem by creating an origami kayak that folds up into a backup.   Now you can easily take your kayak with you on your next hike to explore some cool lakes and streams that normally aren’t easy to get to.

There are three real benefits to this new concept?  First, you don’t have to deal with strapping the vessel to the top of your car or truck, you can simply just put it in the backseat when you’re ready to go.

Second, as mentioned above, you can take your kayak with you to get to some spots that you may not have been able to get to with your car (or if you kayak down a river, you can quickly pack it up and walk back to your car).

Third, they are much easier to store.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much extra space around the house or garage to store a big kayak.  With Oru, that problem no longer exists.  You can just fold it up and story it in your closet.

Oru Kayak

But do they really work?  Oru claims to taken durability very seriously.   They’ve tested the kayaks by folding them 20,000 times to ensure they still work even after major use.  Here’s a video on the durability of the boats. gives the kayaks a 4 star review abased upon 33 customer reviews.


Now that you likely want to purchase one of these sweet boats, the next question is how much do they cost.  The good news is that really aren’t too much more than a good quality kayak.   The Oru kayaks start at $1,299.

For more information about Oru, check out their website.

And for further inspiration, check out the photos posted by Oru fans.  They seem like they are living the good life with their origami folding magical kayak.