This Infographic Reveals The Most Popular Food In Each Country


Have you ever been curious about the cuisine in various countries?  It’s always fascinating to learn about the different cultures and the main dishes that people eat.  Thanks to Hotels4u, you can experience the most popular dish in 28 European countries.  From some classics like pizza (Italy, of course) to unique meals like Bigos (Poland), there is a little bit of everything.

Its’s quite amazing to see the variation and uniqueness of each European country, considering how close to each other some of these countries are located.

While you may recognize some of these, it’s likely that that a lot of these may be new to you. So next time you are planning for your European vacation (btw, who else thinks of Chevy Chase when that phrase is used), use this handy chart to make sure you at least try out one of the iconic dishes from the country you are visiting.

As an example, have you heard of Shopska salad? This is a classic dish served in Bulgaria.  It is a Bulgarian staple cold salad that includes tomatoes, cucumbers, onion or scallions, roasted peppers, sirene, and parsley.

Of course, pizza is the dish to try in Italy.  While there are pizza joints across the world, nothing truly compares to a wood-fired pizza in Naples.  Fun fact:  The first known pizza parlor was located in Port Alba in Naples and, amazingly, is still there today.  This is a top destination on my list.  Who doesn’t want to have a margarita pizza from the original pizza shop?

And then there’s Germany.  Known for their beer, bratwurst, and wiener schintzel.  If you haven’t had a schnitzel, I’d highly recommend it.  It’s basically very thin, breaded and pork.  True to German form, its simplicity is what makes it so delicious.

Another fun fact?  Do you know why the Sunday Roast is the classic dish in England? Back in the mid-19th through mid-20th century, Sunday was the only off day for the working class.  As a result, people wound up making dinners using nicer meats and making a bigger meal so they could enjoy the day with friends and family.

After looking at the list below, what meal excites you the most?  Have you tried more than 15 of these meals?